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Can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen when your car breaks down on the road.  At times like these, it’s easy to start thinking the worst things until the tow truck comes to rescue you.

It’s no wonder that many people start thinking the worst about towing companies.  We take pride in the fact that we take care of our customers promptly, professionally, and affordably.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tow Truck Service in Maumee

Mechanical problems and accidents happen unexpectedly, and it is very difficult to predict when they will happen. It is therefore very important to ensure that you have the number of a reliable auto towing service to help get your car to safety. So do you reside in Maumee and you are searching for a reliable auto towing service? If yes the below are factors to consider when choosing a tow truck service in Maumee.

1. Consider Experience

The first very important factor that you need to consider when searching for emergency towing services is the number of years that they have been operational. Before you choose an auto towing service, take the initiative inquiring to know the number of years that the company has been operational in Maumee. Towing service is very competitive in Maumee and only those companies that offer quality services get to survive. Therefore, the greater the experience that the company has, the higher the chances of getting quality towing services.

2. Customer Care Service

This is a very important factor that many motorist usually overlook when searching for a reliable auto towing service. The quality of customer care that the company offers to its customers is very important. How did the company treat you the first time you contacted them? Did they give you the attention that you deserve? Mechanical breakdown and accidents always tend to happen at odd hours. You need to choose a company that will always be there when you need their service. The company should actually have a customer care department that should always be ready to offer you quality services.

3. Location of the Service

When searching for a towing service in Maumee, it is very important to consider the location of the company. It will not make sense if you choose a towing service that is very far away from your neighborhood. Experts recommend that you should choose a towing company that is within your locality. That way the company can easily attend to you when you call them.

4. Reviews form Past Clients

Before you make your final decision, take a step of inquiring to know what previous clients who have used the services of that particular company are saying about their services. If past clients are actually happy with the quality of services that the company rendered to them, then chances are that the company is efficient and reliable. Don’t even think of hiring a towing service that does not have good reviews from past clients.


Maumee Towing Service Reveals How to Recognize Reputable Towing Companies

Maumee towing service differentiates a reputable company from the bad ones by making a list of what these services should have.

Here are some details about how you call tell whether you are dealing with a reputable towing company. For anyone who stuck roadside, their first thought is to get help as fast and as efficient as possible. A driver will be needing a good tow truck service in Maumee to help them take the vehicle safely and get the customer off the road. Auto drivers with roadside assistance service coverage can benefit from this service, especially during an emergency.

However, it is important to be particular about finding an Maumee towing service. We take pride that we have a credible towing company. Drivers need to know this info about us, but is helpful for drivers to be able to sort out their options and to see which auto towing companies will meet their needs.

A good towing company in Maumee will gain trust by sharing information and will have the following habits.

1.      Licensed, bonded and insured. For the sake of the customer, an Maumee tow truck company should be able to protect all of their employees in all foreboding emergencies. Having them licensed assure any driver of the tow truck driver’s skills. Those who are bonded and insured gains extra points for being financially secured and held liable during the process that the vehicle is being towed.
2.      Professional. They are well-trained and experienced drivers. The experts come on time as said, and are eager to explain all of the charges up front. They also put everything into writing, as well as guarantees fast and reliable service every time they are called.
3.      Offer 24-7 assistance, and are ready to perform the repair as quickly as possible for their customer’s benefits.
4.      Long established with a positive reputation. These good quality Maumee towing companies have gained their credibility over time through good service and reviews from their old customers. They are an authority online and offline, having a loyal following to their brand.

At best, the customer should find a company with a good mileage rate, a satisfactory average response time and includes guarantees & warranties

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Maumee Towing Service Discloses 3 Towing Truck Types

Maumee Towing Service shares information about the three (3) types of commonly used towing trucks.

Maumee towing service discusses the three (3) towing truck types used by local service providers. For anyone who is looking for a towing company to use, it is necessary to know some basic information regarding the type of equipment their company prefers to use. While many choose to use similar towing vehicles, there are others who has a higher leverage over their competitors by acquiring better utilities.

This is good for those with special vehicles such as luxury cars or vintage autos. It is important to know that the vehicle will be cautiously taken care of, even during the towing.

Here we list different types of towing equipment:

1.      Flatbed Truck. This type of Maumee tow truck is the most familiar choice if one’s car is a four wheel, or an all-wheel drive. The flatbed truck contains a flatbed trailer which tilts while the car is pulled into it through a chain wrench. The car is then chained down into the back, making it ready for a safe ride. Tow truck drivers should remember to securely fasten the back of the car to the trailer as to not cause damage to the suspension.
2.      Hooked Truck. This is the traditional tow truck with a hook at the back. The hook is placed under the front of the car and lifts off the front wheels from the ground. The towed car trails after the truck in this easy-to-fasten suspension. However, the car can get dangerously slighted during the process, especially if the yard is a distance away. The driver should not hook up a four-wheel or all-wheel drive.
3.      Specialty Towing Truck. There are many companies who use other trucks for various vehicles, such as motorcycle. This can be either a pickup truck with a modified bed, or a full sized truck that will carry the motorcycle inside the open back.

These are the common Maumee tow truck utilities used by towing companies to transfer vehicles. To be safe, car drivers should be aware of which truck is the most appropriate vehicle to carry their auto.

Maumee Towing Reveals the Benefits of Hiring a Towing Service

Maumee towing service reveals the benefit of hiring a towing service especially for emergencies

This company shares the benefits of hiring a credible towing service. It is best to be prepared for any emergency, says the company, for nobody knows when something bad may occur. A roadside assistance plan is the best back-up for anyone on the road, whether they are driving within the community or into a remote area. One of the reasons for acquiring this plan is that the vehicle, especially when not well maintained, can be subjected under mechanical or electrical malfunction.

Here, we share the advantages of this type of road assistance, especially to those experiencing a hassle on the road:

Quick Response Time
It is crucial for any driver to check his vehicle before going on a long drive. Malfunctions usually arise at the point when one failed to see vital problems his car has already been showing symptoms of. It is unfortunate that most of these problems arrive at such time when something important has come up. In order to avoid the hassle of being stuck on the road for a long time, it is good to call the local Maumee towing service provider and bring the vehicle to the nearest repair station.

Caring with Caution
A car is an important aspect in one’s life. Just the same as its functions for everyone’s transportation, it is also valued for its aesthetics. When accidents occur involving the car, the driver is concerned how the vehicle will return to its former appearance. But with a roadside service plan, anyone can be assured that the Maumee towing company will be responsible for the car and will be liable if there is anything that happens to it during the towing process.

Licensed to Assist
The state of Michigan requires licensing standards for every Maumee towing company. A credible service provider should be licensed and meets the requirements set for the local tow companies this means that they can provide a higher quality of assistance not only for the vehicle, but for the car owner as well.

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Maumee Towing Service Shares a Guide on How to Determine a Good Towing Company

This Maumee towing company discloses four (4) factors on how to determine a good towing service.

Here we discuss ways on how consumers could spot a good towing company. There are many companies which are reputable and there are also ones which are dishonest. Most of these companies look alike and sound alike, but the true ones can be determined by four (4) factors.

Below we explain these factors and how they can be used to affirm the credibility of a Maumee towing service:

1.      References. One can ask a Maumee tow truck operator and let them supply names of people he has done business in the past. Drivers can call these references and ask them about their experience with the company. An online profile will be helpful too; choose those with websites that show testimonials about their assistance. See reviews about them, and find opinions about these service providers on blogs.
2.      Proven by Family and Friends. Drivers should take suggestions from the ones closest to them. Ask them if they have used a local towing company and if they have felt that these service providers have been fair and dependable. Seek trustworthy brands that has shown integrity which one’s friends and family has relied upon.
3.      Licensed, bonded and insured. A Maumee tow truck driver may have one or two, but sometimes, not all of these items. It is essential that a service provider has all three; this is to secure the liabilities the company might cause during the towing process. This is also crucial especially for those with special and expensive vehicles.
4.      Clear costing. Consumers should not wait for the Maumee towing service to submit the final bill before determining the entire costing. One should know in writing how much the entire tow will cost. This includes the hookup fee, mileage fee, impound storage and the service charge. Everything should be placed in clear black and white before the car is being picked up.

Consumers should wisely determine the companies they hire. With the prevalent predatory companies eager to use all opportunities and demands, a driver should examine the companies they will use beforehand. This way, they can ensure their safety and benefits when using a good towing company in or near Maumee.

Maumee Towing Service Describes Predatory Towing Methods

Maumee towing service discloses common predatory towing methods and how one can avoid these fraud companies.

Below we describe the predatory harms within the towing industry and we want to warn consumers about it. Predatory towing has been around for a long time wherein tow companies and business owners join hands in this fraudulent trade. Unsuspecting car drivers are played as victims when the towing companies make the best of the opportunity to get extra cash from the owner.

The most common ways unscrupulous companies use these predatory is…

·         The Maumee tow truck operator only accepts cash to release one’s car
·         The vehicle has been taken without authorization from the owner or yard manager
·         The Maumee tow truck operator has no permit to tow vehicles

These predacious towing companies may even demand customers to pay for parking tickets not issued by the government. Thus, regardless of their methods and circumstances, one should be wary of these blatantly nefarious companies who victimizes unsuspecting car owners. A local towing company has revealed that one can discover the real Maumee towing service provider and those who are only interested in collecting money from preys. Some situations include:

1.      Charging larger fees, demanding it to be paid in cash
2.      Driving away quickly and carelessly with the towed vehicle
3.      Towing vehicles away to a dark location apart from when the car was picked up
4.      Maumee tow trucks driver trolling on parking lots, searching for full or partial violations
5.      Reports theft of the towed cars

Every day, many towing customers in Maumee experience being a target of these predatory towing companies. However, consumers must remember that not all towing companies are fraud and dishonest, says Car Capital Towing.

Despite having these predator towing companies giving the trade a bad reputation, there are still many towing service providers in Maumee that offer excellent service. A well-done search in the internet can help one discover which companies have excellent track records. One can investigate further by visiting their web pages or consulting a past customer for testimonials.

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Maumee Towing Explains Emergency Roadside First Aid Assistance

This Maumee towing explains how emergency roadside first aid assistance is done by towing service providers.

The local Maumee towing service Hills shares information about the emergency roadside first aid assistance. This is usually done when car owners are stuck in the middle of a remote area with minor problems, such as having a flat tire or getting locked out of the car. There are many reasons why these minor mishaps may occur, but it usually arrives at the event when one least expects it.

 Any tow truck service in Maumee is devoted to help drivers who encounter desperate situations such as this. Despite being a minor hassle, these service providers go all the way into the particular spot where car owners needed help. Not only mobilizing cars back on track, these contractors can also help tow the vehicles when the breakdown cannot be resolved. They explain the scenario through a step-by-step protocol:

·         Mechanical check. For those with flat tires, dead engines, empty gas and lock outs, the professionals perform an inspection and see if the car can get back in order. It is important that the tow driver is expertly equipped at such situations. For battery failure, car owners may have forgotten to power up the spark plug. A suitable alternative in reviving the engine is done, wherever their location is.
·         Emergency tow. Cars which are completely disabled at the moment will certainly need a towing service. At such cases when minor mishaps are not resolved, the vehicle is transported into a repair stations as pre-arranged through the contractor. There are situations wherein the car owner can only pay when the car is ready back into operation.

These are the two basic standards of emergency roadside assistance, but there are various emergency services a tow truck service in Maumee can perform. Professionals like these are helpful especially for anyone stranded in the middle of the road. For anyone who values their personal and car’s safety, it is good practice to keep contact information for these Maumee towing service providers just in case this type of situation surfaces.

Maumee Towing Service Discusses Basic Towing Equipment

Our Maumee Towing Service discusses the basic equipment used for towing.

The Maumee tow truck service shares the basic towing equipment and how each items are chosen for their specific needs. A good Maumee towing service relies on a handful of utilities that will aid them to move a car away from an accident at the owner’s convenience. There are many towing equipment included on a Maumee tow truck.  Listed below are some of those suggestions the company provided.

·         Ball Mounts and Trailer Hitch. These are two of the most essential tools used for towing. Choices are settled by looking at the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and the Tongue Weight (TW). From these calculations, one determines which vehicles a Maumee tow truck has the capability to tow. For a wider range of vehicles, it is essential for a Maumee towing service to have a complete set of these trailers.
·         Hitch Balls. Along with the trailer, this is also determined through GTW. Other factors which affect this is the thickness of the mounting platform, the hole’s size, and the coupler socket size. Usually, platforms are no less than 3/8 inch, and the hole should not exceed the 1/16 in the entire shank diameter.
·         Chains. Towing chains are the ones prevalently used to secure a vehicle. When towing a car, these chains should be kept secured, firmly surrounding the vehicle in the proper places. Chains are always tied in crossways to maintain the control of the trailer. It is important that these chains are attached securely to tow the vehicle to prevent it from bouncing loose. Chains should also not be dragged on the road.
·         Other tools. Trailer lights, turn signals and switch connections are also critical in towing.

It is important to see these types of equipment available when a Maumee towing service arrives. They suggest hiring a professional and long-established brand with credibility and good services. The cheaper service provider isn’t always the best; customers should always seek the companies with complete utilities to ensure that the vehicles are transferred in the safest manner.

Maumee Towing Service Shares 5 Ways of Finding Towing Companies

The local Maumee towing lists down five (5) ways of finding good towing companies online and offline.

The Maumee towing service shared five (5) smart ways of finding towing companies. Hiring a towing company is essential to anyone who is always on the road. Accidents can occur on different unexpected situations and a driver may find himself stuck on a remote location. Mishaps such as an empty gas, a flat tire or a lockout can become bigger hassles especially for anyone who is alone. Before travelling, knowing what company to call is a must.

There are many ways to discover a reputable Maumee towing service. It may not be a big task to contact one, but it is important to find an efficient and reputable service provider from all the many companies available. They list ways on how to find the right company below:

·         Start the search. One can use the help of the online databases, but asking for family and friends for suggestions is always the best way to go. It is always advisable to use the companies recommended by the people one trusts. This is also one way to get an idea of which companies to avoid, due to personal experience and honest opinions.
·         Collect and compare. After gathering s recommendations, one should discover the mileage rates for each company and which of them matches their needs. They should also know the distance the Maumee tow truck is willing to tow the vehicle, and if the services should be paid upfront or by insurance. It is also helpful to know how long the company can reach the driver when an emergency occurs.
·         Value credibility. A long established towing service with a trustworthy reputation should be prioritized.
·         Other services. Besides towing the car, it is advantageous to find out if the company offers other vehicle services.
·         Availability. One should choose a company that are open 24/7, and offers various roadside assistance.

Maumee Towing Service Advices Customers to Choose Service Providers with Care

This Maumee towing service advices customers to pick their towing service companies with consideration for professionalism.

The local area Maumee towing service provider shares a practical advice for tow clients. The company, a locally operating tow service, suggests consumers should choose contractors with caution. One thing that a person should be aware of is to make certain that the driver is skilled and professional.

It is not a secret that many tow truck service providers in Maumee are constantly looking for new towing drivers because of high turnovers. However, the problem with new drivers is that they don’t have enough experience, unless they have worked for a similar company beforehand.  Having a less experienced driver may cost a customer more than time and money, but the car itself.

Newer tow drivers in Maumee are highly untried and may be less careful in securing one’s car. No matter how skilled one may be, driving a tow truck and a normal vehicle is different. Since they will be taking care of two automobiles, practiced calculation and sensitivity is crucial. Movement, speed and brakes should not be neglected, and the operator should be conscious not to damage the already damaged vehicle he is carrying.

This is the reason why the Maumee towing service recommends contacting well-established companies whose credibility has been proven in the community.

Another thing to consider is the equipment to be used. It is best to pick a Maumee towing service with well-maintained trucks, newer utilities and updated technologies to handle an emergency situation. It is unfortunate to see towing companies sending old and beaten trucks wherein the operator may have a hard time lifting the car onto the flat bed or attaching the hook.

One way to avoid these unnecessary troubles is to find a professional Maumee towing service beforehand. It is good to scrutinize companies completely and see if they meet the customer’s standards. While most car insurance companies have networks of towing services within the community, it is also recommended that customers pick the contractor according to their preferences.

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